Integrated Earth Medicine

Herbal Medicine. Ancient Healing Techniques. Modern Science

Reconnect to the healing power of nature within you. 

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society"


Americans suffer from chronic inflammation


Americans struggle to get a good night's sleep.


Americans are overweight


Remember. Reconnect. Re-vision.

Integrated Earth Medicine’s services and healing journeys help you:

Remember your ancestor’s ancient healing wisdom,

Re-connect to your body’s power to heal,

Re-vision your future as part of nature itself.

smudge stick smoking in a seashell ash tray with glass amber bottles of herbal medicine in background


Hands-On Learning

Engage all your senses to confidently connect with nature’s healing power.

Sign up for a group or 1:1 classes on first aid, wildcrafting, supplementation, tree healing, fungi, and more.


Mushroom Journeys

Release unhelpful attachments, limiting belief systems, overwhelm, and past conditioning, with your choice of micro-dose consultations or fully guided mushroom journeys.

1:1 Consults & Custom Formulas

Monthly herb or mushroom formula tailored to your health needs.

1:1 consults help you make healthy lifestyle changes alongside your new plant allies.



About Chrystal


I was raised like most American children – lots of fast food and zero attention paid to lifestyle (maybe you can relate). 

My 20s were a blur of late nights, unhealthy habits, and poor nutrition, culminating in liver issues, chronic fatigue, gut health issues, and kidney failure that threatened my life.

Determined to reclaim my health, I delved into the world of anatomy and historical plant uses, which led me to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Natural Health.

I never envisioned a career in herbal medicine, though.

For years, I balanced a high-stakes corporate career, motherhood, and a competitive boxing career.

But when my husband’s fight with Crohn’s disease became life-threatening, I left my job to embark on a long but ultimately triumphant journey toward his recovery, with plant medicine as my ally.

These chapters of life revealed my purpose on this earth: to guide people like you on your healing journey, with nature’s medicine as our source of wisdom.

From sports nutrition to family wellness, aromatic medicines to mushroom journeys, herbal infusions to wildcrafting, I invite you to remember, reconnect, and re-vision all the ways nature can nurture and heal.

“Chrystal is a wealth of herbal knowledge. She teaches in a way that creates good habits and routines, weaving herbs into your life one plant at a time. I learned so much about the effects of different herbs on both the physical and emotional body, and how to grow and prepare them. It has deepened my connection and gratitude for this earth and keeps both me and my family in good heath. Forever grateful to her teachings”

-S Greeley.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."

Albert Einstein

✔️Become less reliant on supplement companies.

✔️Expand your diet instead of restricting it.

✔️Find lasting relief from chronic issues.

✔️Build a confident, empowered relationship with your plant healers.

✔️Remember your body’s ancient power to heal.

✔️Hold responsibility for your own path to wellness.